Lounge furniture rentals for weddings and events in Sayulita. Lounge furniture gives a relaxed environment that facilitates the communication with your guests. Comfortable loveseats, benches, armchairs, ottomans, and coffee tables to create your perfect wedding lounge furniture rentals. Select between our wide selection: classic, rustic, modern, victorian, natural, illuminated, and mexican lounge furniture.

classic lounge

Classic Lounge

The most comfortable lounge, an icon for the event industry.

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rustic lounge

Rustic Lounge

Luxurious rustic lounge, perfect for tropical and elegant events.

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mexican lounge

Mexican Lounge

Bring the traditional colors of the Mexican culture to your lounge.

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victorian lounge

Victorian Lounge

Directly from the Victorian age these lounges give prestige.

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modern lounge

Modern Lounge

A simple yet elegant design that can be used for any setting.

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illuminated lounge

Illuminated Lounge

Let your event shine with the fun and beautiful acrylic RGB lounge.

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natural lounge

Natural Lounge

A naked lounge design with shows the real shape, color, feel of wood.

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picnic lounge

Picnic Lounge

The most fun outdoor party lounge furniture for your event.

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