Getting Married in Sayulita: The Ultimate Guide

For you, your partner is more than a passport, but for the law it’s a foreigner. That’s why if you’re planning how to get married in Sayulita, Sayulita you need to be ready with all the legal paperwork.

Things to keep in mind

Getting all the documentation ready in a timely manner is not an easy task. For this reason, we have prepared a guide on which you can base yourself to collect it now! ​Sayulita requires all foreigners that want to get married in Sayulita to provide their passport (original and copy) and their immigration identification. In addition to the rest of the documentation referred to, which must be apostilled or legalized and, if necessary, translated into Spanish by an authorized expert.

1. Marriage Certificate

Visit the local registry office to attain all the forms that you’ll need to get your marriage application started. ​This will be the same place where you will deliver all the documents needed below.

2. Birth Certificate

Both of you must bring your “original” birth certificates. Plus, two copies of each one. ​Birth certificate apostilled or legalized according to your country, translated into Spanish with authorized experts and identify yourself with your passport and legal stay in copy.

3. Medic Certificate

The medical certificate must be provided with the signature of a physician with a professional degree, valid for no more than 15 days. Remember that everything will be in Spanish, learn the language, bring an interpreter, or get help from your wedding planner.

4. Clinical Analysis

Find an official medical laboratory and get a test that documents the blood type of the spouses and certifies that they have no chronic diseases with no viable treatment, as well as contagious or hereditary diseases. ​Valid for no more than 15 days from the date of your marriage.

5. Personal ID

Preferably printed all in the same page, a copy of the identification for (2) the couple and (2) witnesses. In total four identifications. ​​Valid passport, Driver’s license, Birth certificate (a valid passport is a required document).

6. Immigration Papers

​Your visitor’s permit, obtained at your port of entry or, if you’re resident in Sayulita, a copy of your resident permit. It is especially important that in all your documents your names are in accordance with your Birth Certificate, if not, they will not be received and therefore your marriage will not be celebrated.

7. Civil Contract

​In case of opting for the regime of conjugal partnership or separation of assets, if the couple have patrimonial assets, they must go to the notary, if they do not have assets, this office will make an agreement.

8. Divorce Decree / Death Certificate, if applicable

In case of being divorced or widowed, the couple must present their original divorce or death certificate valid for no more than one year and in the case of divorces, having fulfilled the term of the Law, if they do not present any document, their marriage will not be celebrated.


Preparing the necessary documentation for a civil ceremony in Sayulita can be overwhelming for foreign couples. Therefore, it’s immensely popular for many couples to hire a wedding planner that does all this work for them. We can help you ​​